Aged care home residents have revisited their favourite places and memories through a Virtual Reality trial.

The Chief Executive of the 360 degree experience technology trial said: “To see the joy this experience brought to our residents was so uplifting. Virtual Reality is such an innovative concept and one which the elderly are not frightened to embrace. We hope to continue to provide our residents with these wonderful opportunities and experiences.”

Residents Bill, Betty and Sarah relived some of their favourite memories and experiences through the technology.

Bill was taken back to the Rock n’ Roll era, Betty saw where she started her married life in the house, street and church where she was married and Sarah visited France where she ran a bed and breakfast with her son and reminisced her time there.

Betty said: “It’s unreal, really. It just transports you back. It’s beautiful.”

The successful trial received widespread media coverage on the BBC and more information can be found here.