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SilVR Adventures works with the best aged care and assisted living communities in Australia and internationally to provide a turnkey solution that offers residents greater diversity of activities through group virtual reality.

Our programmes bring seniors together through shared experiences in virtual reality to reduce loneliness and isolation.

Reminiscence Therapy

Trigger memories and conversations – such as revisiting a childhood home, a wedding venue or country someone emigrated from.

Travel The World

Leave the walls of the community and create social interaction between fellow residents – such as exploring Paris or the Pyramids, swimming with dolphins or an African Safari.

Family Bonding

Overcome constraints and allow for residents to experience these adventures with visiting family members – such as watching a sunrise or the Aurora Borealis together.



of aged care residents will experience depression and isolation during their stay



increase in aged care resident happiness

Together, we can fix this.

SilVR Adventures provides seniors with a window to the world they’re missing.

How can we help you?

Aged Care Facilities

It’s not only the beds you fill, but the community you create.
With SilVR Adventures, take your residence to a new level of happiness and wonder.

Family Members & Caregivers

Want to improve the day to day stimulation of your loved one? Recommend a facility that could benefit from SilVR Adventures and we will reach out to introduce our services and improve resident happiness.

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