SilVR Adventures specialises in group virtual reality therapy and social engagement to tackle isolation in aged-care facilities.

In 2019, we began running guided communal virtual reality sessions that encourage social interaction for groups of seniors in care homes. We have taken 1000’s of seniors on group VR sessions at the facilities of some of the biggest aged-care providers in Australia.

Residents responded so well that we developed a self-service solution for aged care providers to introduce their own in-house VR programmes with the flexibility to run sessions more frequently.

Our self-service solution includes headsets, exclusive software to link together, training and ongoing support care homes need to deliver their own programmes of virtual reality-based therapy and entertainment for up to 10 residents at a time.




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With SilVR Adventures group programmes, residents simply put on a headset and they’re immediately transported into an immersive new world.

SilVR Adventures library of continuously updated VR content is diligently curated and produced especially for seniors – including those experiencing mobility restrictions, impaired vision or cognitive decline.

Our programmes are developed to be engaging, educational and fun and cover three key experience areas: reminiscence therapy, world travel and family bonding, so even visiting family members can share an experience with their loved one.

VR can clearly have positive benefits for aged care residents, their families and caregivers. It provides a richer and more satisfying quality of life than may otherwise be available, with many positive outcomes.

Colin Pudsey
CEO, SILVR Adventures

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