Through shared group experiences in a world of virtual reality, SilVR Adventures helps users overcome social isolation.

SilVR Adventures offers group experiences in virtual reality programmes at aged care facilities throughout Australia.

Residents have relayed feedback of positive experiences through our professional delivery of group VR programmes – this in turn has elevated moods and engagement levels in aged care homes across the country.

Caregivers consistently report that our programmes lead to deeper stages of interactions with participants, as the insights generated from the sessions helped the caregivers understand the participants’ lives before they entered into care.




of aged care residents will experience depression and isolation during their stay


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With SilVR Adventures group programmes, residents simply put on a headset and they’re immediately transported into an immersive new world.

Travelling to all corners of the globe in an instant, exploring the seven wonders or hidden streets, all the while led safely and knowledgeably by our group facilitator. The experience is incredibly rewarding, especially among seniors experiencing mobility restrictions, impaired vision or cognitive decline.

Our group programmes are fun and interactive, introducing new stimuli to participants which aids memory recovery in some, and triggers positive recollections for others,   all in an environment that makes them feel safe.

VR can clearly have positive benefits for aged care residents, their families and caregivers. It provides a richer and more satisfying quality of life than may otherwise be available, with many positive outcomes.

Colin Pudsey

CEO, SILVR Adventures

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